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We live in a society where traditional school is pushed, and while it works for many, we cannot just assume that everyone is able to fit under that umbrella. High school is a difficult time for teenagers and not everyone is equipped to handle that trying time the same. Some students have outside commitments or are simply not in the same boat as other teenagers their age. This often leads to students dropping out as they feel there is no other option. 

In reality, there are other options available and they must be known. There are plenty of high school alternatives out there for at-risk youth that are designed to help students earn their diploma. When people hear “alternative schooling” it sometimes is viewed as a bad thing. Really, there are so many benefits to alternative schooling, and we are here to share some with you.

Personalized Learning Environment

Not all students are the same and that is where the school system is flawed at times. At risk youth are not always equipped to learn and retain the information taught to them the same as their peers. Alternative schooling is great because it allows students to learn in a more personalized environment and smaller class sizes, allowing for more individual attention catered to each student’s specific needs.

A student’s educational journey can be personalized in many ways. In alternative schooling it is common for students to get to choose projects that interest them specifically, work at a slower pace through more difficult units to ensure the information is retained, and so much more.

Care Extended Beyond the Classroom

A Lot of students enrolled in alternative high schools have a lot going on in their lives outside of the classroom. Alternative schools are equipped to help those students in all aspects of their life and oftentimes have strong relationships with local charities and other resources that will benefit their youth. Alternative schools also tend to be keen on making sure the families of the students, if applicable, are as involved as possible.

Flexible scheduling

For some students the biggest obstacle in completing their education is time. A lot of alternative high schools offer year-round enrollment along with year-round classes. This means you can pick up your education at any time. Some other accommodations that may be offered can include blended learning opportunities and half-day sessions or night schooling options. 

Covenant Academies

Covenant Academies is just one of many high school alternatives out there. At Covenant, students ages 15-22 are given the opportunity to earn their high school diploma. The school is year-round allowing for flexible scheduling for all who attend. Students are given a safe and structured learning environment and the material is given to them at their own pace.

A team of highly dedicated and loving staff works hard every day to work with each student individually and ensure that they get all the support they need to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. Student success is the absolute top priority and always will be.


High school alternatives are a great option for finishing your education. These programs work to meet their students where they are at and help them become the best they can be through endless support. Alternative schooling can happen online or in person, making a high school diploma attainable for anyone who truly seeks it. Having a high school diploma opens more doors for your future and that is always worth the time investment. It’s not too late to graduate and earn your diploma!